Christmas Gift Guide: 2015

If you're shopping for a special someone who is into clothes, coffee, games or photography, then I hope you'll find some inspiration in my 2015 gift guide. It's a few of my favorite items I bought this year, and a few of my most wanted.

Bread and Boxers lounge collection

Bread and Boxers basics

A long search for the perfect t-shirt finally lead me to this Swedish brand. They keep it simple and affordable, with a perfect slim fit of shirts, underwear and loungewear.

Hairo V60 Coffee Dripper


Most home made coffee either tastes mediocre or is a pain to make. This elegant porcelain dripper brings out the perfect taste with minimal effort every time.

Winter accesories from Banana Republic: black scarf, hat and gloves

Gloves, toque & scarf

You didn’t get this far in life without these winter basics, but in case yours need an update you can find these beauties at Banana Republic. The best part is the leather gloves are touch screen ready.

So You've Been Publicly Shamed by Jon Ronson

So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed

A hilarious and poignant book about the consequences of the public outrage on the internet. It will give you something to think about next time you feel the impulse to tell off that idiot on Twitter.



If you don’t have time to attend film school, or even to read the books a film school student would read, this illustrated guide will help you fast forward through the basics. 

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Swims Brogue Boots

It’s cold and wet out there and if you are tempted to throw on some giant winter boots to deal with it, there is a better way. Elegant and waterproof, these brogues will transition from slushy streets into the office. 

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Star Wars: Battlefront

Games from movies have a mixed track record but this gorgeous nostalgia nugget is exactly what I need this holiday season.

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

It can be hard to find time for an RPG sometimes, but when art direction, strong narrative and open world come together like this, you make time. 

Mastin Labs Portra color film pack, film emulation presets for Lightroom

Mastin Labs: Lightroom film presets

Quit messing around with retro filters and step up up your game to professional film emulation. Each film pack might seem pricey, but they have become an indispensable part of my workflow. For a deep dive into Mastin Labs listen to episode 7 of the podcast.

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ONA camera strap

This padded leather strap from ONA is as comfortable as it is stylish. Or for something with a few less buckles, Cecilia is another great option. To hear a full discussion listen to podcast episode 34.

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Canon G7X

If the phone in your pocket isn’t quite scratching your photography itch, this compact can step up your game. It’s got tons of resolution, a quick lens and the video quality is better than I thought was possible out of a camera so small. 

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Sonos PLAY:1

If you are looking for a modern home audio solution it’s hard to beat Sonos. You get better-than-it-deserves-to-sound audio quality, streaming in as many rooms as you want, and for a reasonable price. You could probably buy a new one every Christmas. One complaint though, it could really use some aux inputs.