40 - The a7RII, Tyler's new big little camera

 Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

We don't replace our primary cameras very often, but to meet increasing videos demands Tyler went with a new Sony, the a7RII. The long and short is that it's image quality is best in class with super sharp, high resolution images with lots of dynamic range in the shadows. The down side is lots of interface design problems, consumer level build quality and very slow image review. 

Samples from the Sony a7R II

Bonus Whatever - The Force Awakens

In this podcast, we’ll discuss our new heroes, and how quickly we got to like them (pretty quickly). We’ll discuss our new villains, and particularly Kylo Ren and all of his fun-to-watch internal conflict, as well as how he compares to Darth Vader. We spend some time talking about potential character development, potential character backgrounds, and possible secrets- as well as which fan theories don’t matter (Rob even asserts we don’t care if Rey is related to another important Jedi).  We break down the mirrored storyline form A New Hope, and its hits and occasional misses (Yeah, okay, it’s MUCH bigger than the Death Star, we’ll allow it.), as well as the characters in their new roles as echoes of the original trilogy.