16 - Lightroom keywords

This week we share some thoughts about getting the most out of shooting Kodak’s Ektar film. We then dive into some advanced Lightroom asset strategy after doing some catalog spring cleaning, focusing on import metadata and adding general keywords so you can better manage your collections. We also discuss geo-tracking using GPS. Finally, Cameron dishes on which albums you should probably be listening to right now.

7 - Lightroom presets: We compare VSCO, Mastin Labs and Replichrome

Digital photography has an era before presets, and after. They've been around for a while but recently some high quality filters have become standard for many photographers. In this episode we compare the best of those preset packs VSCO, Mastin Labs and Replichrome (RadLab), and talk to Chris Dowsett about new ways of thinking about color. 

In the end we recommend that if you will only have one set of Lightroom presets, they should be Mastin Labs. They add character and punch to photos, but are subtle and nuanced. The Kodak Portra Pack targets skin tones and is perfect for portraits. The Fuji Pro Pack enhances greens and blues which is great for landscapes, and can also help a person stand out a little more from their background. It is my personal all around favorite. For black and white I only ever use the Illford B&W Pack, which has a great blend or contrast and detail retention. All three stay true to the film emulation they were based on.

VSCO is also very useful and it can be very helpful to have the 01 and 06 packs for when you are looking for more variety. Their Kodak Portra and Fuji Pro often push the colors a little more aggressively, but are a bit more flexible with different levels of exposure. 

Although we spent some time experimenting with Replichome by Radlab, we didn't find a need for it. 

Tyler's Samples

These sample images are not at all scientific, and have minor exposure and white balance adjustments to account for how the different filters are meant to be used. They have all the grain removed, and as you can see are some of the more subtle presets each company offers.

As I mention in the episode my go to presets are currently Mastin Labs and I should mention that my links to his preset are affiliate links, so purchasing via that link helps support the podcast.

Cameron's Samples