Tyler's Guide to Everything

Instead of tweeting links to all the same sites all the time, here is a list of all the things that keeps me inspired and entertained.  If anything turns out to be something love to, or you realize that I'm missing out on something amazing, let me know.


This Week in Tech - I spend a great deal of time listening to podcasts, and many  are on the TWiT Network.  I've been listening and watching week after week since Leo started broadcasting out of his house many years ago, and he's made many of the best tech shows on the ever. When they moved into their new studio, I even bought a brick (look for in the bottom right of set 2). Shows like MacBreak Weekly, This Week in Google and of course TWiT are my primary source for news and opinions on technology.

The Verge - Tech news for everyone. Instead of focusing on specs, they approach technology with a view of how it effects our lives. Their article design, photography and videos make it clear they have an all star creative team, and are a gold standard for web media. Their videogame site Polygon is also worth a look.

MacRumors - I've been deep into Macs since the dark days of Apple, and MacRumors is the place for practical buying info, especially from their Apple Buyer's Guide.

Ars Technica - Keeping the tradition of long format articles alive, Ars is all about the dive deep into tech stories. They cover everything from gadgets to science news and have and exceptional writing team.

IGN - I often go many months without pickup a controller, but every year some amazing new game sucks me in for a few weeks. IGN is my go to site, and their podcasts keep me entertained when I'm feeling immature.


Photography & Video

Stocksy United - I co-founded this site with a bunch of long time colleagues, and license photos that I shoot with my wife Ania. The best stock photography anywhere, and I'm not just saying that

DP Review - The only place you ever need to go for camera reviews.

The Digital Picture - Definitive and detailed reviews of Canon lenses. Their comparison tool is invaluable when making purchase decisions. 

Peta Pixel - Photography news, opinions and tips. These guys have the best general photo coverage in town and are probably the most retweeted account I follow.

Canon Rumors - Stay informed about the gear you should be saving up for.

F-Stoppers - Photo news with an educational resources. They have great how to articles and videos.

Prolost - A thoughtful blog about the latest in independent video production.

Japan Camera Hunter - Camera porn for film shooters.



VSCO - The only app that matters in photo editing, don't even bother looking elsewhere.

Audible -It's hard to say I'm more addicted to podcasts or audiobooks, but I spend a lot of hours every month listening to Audible. If it weren't for narrators talking into my headphones, I wouldn't have nearly enough time to read all the books I love.

Overcast - It took a long time for me to replace the default Apple Podcast app, but it's smart speed and voice boost features really won me over.

Instagram - Do I really need to mention this? 

1Password - The odds are pretty good that you're currently using the same password on at least a couple websites. A secure password manager is the only way I know of to keep track of strong passwords across all your accounts. I hear LastPass is pretty good too.

Pocket - More of a service than an app, Pocket is where all my bookmarks go. If I ever need to find something I looked at forever ago, I probably saved it to Pocket.

Scanner Pro - Scan documents quickly at an impressive quality from your iPhone. 

Everyday - Reminds you to take a photo every day, then makes a video. How many years can you keep it up for?



Roderick on the Line - It may sound like a lot of rambling nonsense, but John Roderick and Merlin Mann suck you into their world. This show is special to me.

The Talk Show - A deeper analysis of Apple news.

NPR: Radiolab - Science and storytelling.

NPR: Planet Money - Economics made interesting.

NPR: This American Life - If you've heard a podcast, it was probably this one. Stories, pure and simple.

No Such Thing as a Fish - Hillarious trivia from the QI Elves.

Back to Work - In theory about productivity, in practice it's Merlin Mann talking fast and being clever.