A Photography Podcast for Photographers

A number of years ago I published a podcast called Stalman Talks Photography. It was just me and a microphone talking about cameras and photography. It was fun but I wasn't sure where to go with the show, so gradually it fizzled out. 

Now I'm back with a brand new show and help from some friends. Cameras or Whatever is casual conversations with photography professionals talking about gear, technique and the business of taking pictures. 

The show assumes a pretty firm grasp of photography concepts, so if you're just getting started it might be a bit dense. I'm hoping there are other photographers out there like us. You already know your way around a camera and want to talk about the ways we get things done.

Listen to Episode 1 for a thorough introduction to the show and my guests Ania B, photographer, style blogger, and my business partner,  and Cameron Whitman, veteran stock photographer and Senior Editor at Stocksy United.

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