A weekend in Vancouver w/ Kit & Ace

We have been to Vancouver many times over the past few years, but have never had time to explore the city. Kit & Ace invited a bunch of blogger out to be part of their brand launch, and showed us everything in the city we had been missing. They threw a party at their studio in Gastown, took us on a bike ride tour around Stanley Park, and  for a boat ride out to Granville Island.

Kit & Ace is all about super comfortable, durable and wearable fabrics. So far they launched a line of cashmere blend t-shirts, with a full clothing line coming this fall. 

This was also a perfect opportunity to put my new ultimate-film-point-and-shoot camera through it's paces, the Contax T2. It performed really well and will definitely be coming with us everyone. Click through the gallery below to see it in action, shot on Portra 400 and Kodak Gold 400.

To see the rest of our photos, head over to Ania's blog for more.

The whole crew: @alyssalau, @daniesque, @ontheracks, @krystal_bick, JJ, @stalman, @aniab, @weareseesnap, @margoandme & her fiance, @andyheart, @joonmotion