New York Fashion Week S/S 2015

It was a whirlwind week in New York for us. I got to do some exploring with family, who just happened to be in town at the same time, while Ania had to take out 48 crazy hours our trip to fly back to Calgary for her style presentation for Hudson's Bay. I went to the Killer Heels event, put on by Nordstrom at the Brooklyn Museum. We celebrated our first anniversary (happy one year honey!). We went to the Tommy Hilfiger and J Crew shows, and of course did some serious power shopping.

Below are the snapshots from the week, taken on the Contax T2. The scans from these rolls are so badly done by our local drug store that I have a hard time judging how well the camera really performed. I had to use Lightroom to fix the terrible adjustments the photo lab did, so I don't feel like I got to enjoy the natural colours from the camera or films.

Disposable Cameras on our Asian Vacation

When we planned our trip to Seoul and Tokyo, one of things I was excited about was the chance to shop some amazing used camera stores. I had high hopes for finding the perfect film point and shoot but after a few days of searching, we came up empty handed. Instead we bought some disposable cameras.

I hadn't used one since the 90's so I was curious if anything beautiful could come out of these little plastic boxes. I think the results turned out pretty great. The internet told me that disposable cameras have a fixed settings of about f/11 at 1/100 sec, so we used that as our reference point. Occasionally comparing it to reference photos on the 5D at the same settings.

We spent a lot of our time in Tokyo shooting street style in Harajuku, went to Disneyland, and then went back to Seoul to shoot more street style in Gangnam. 

Meiji Jingu Temple in Yoyogi Park

Smoking street style in harajuku

Girls in Harajuku

Ania B hunting for street style in Harajuku

Shooting Harajuku girls

Style everywhere in Tokyo

Ania B on the job, capturing Tokyo style

Tyler at the Meiji Jingu Temple

Devon and Ania are ready for a day out in Gangnam

Getting more stylish with age, Harajuku

Taking a nap at Disneyland, Tokyo

Here we are in Toontown, in Disneyland Tokyo

Murals in Harajuku

A moment in Tokyo

Prepping flowers for sale on the streets of Seoul

Ania in Yoyogi Park

Street Photography: Rainy Nights in Seoul

There was light rain for our first few days in Seoul, which made for beautiful shiny streets and umbrellas everywhere. The ubiquitous neon signs and lantern festival provide perfect cinematic lighting everywhere we go. Street photography has never really been my thing, but this trip has brought it out of me. I've been snapping hundreds of photos every day and loving it.

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